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Committed to Excellence

Get to know the people standing behind the  Brand  and those working behind the scenes to make your shopping experience rock. We’re dedicated to offering superior customer service and having fun while we’re doing it.

Ready to shop till you drop?

Meet The Owner: Meet The Boss

The Woman Behind the Brand


If you call or visit Drea Candle Co., chances are high you’ll meet Andrea Sims, our Creator of the candles. She is an invaluable member of the brand with the experience and personality to boot.    

Andrea is a wife & mother, and has  always had the love for candles and making every space her own . She soon realized that she had a gift creating and making all unique candles, and has since took something that she looked at as being a hobby by turning it into a passion of creating sweet scents of aroma to fill not only her home but the home of others!

Andrea is orginally from  New  Orleans La,  she then relocated to Baton Rouge Louisiana, and now resides in Houston Texas where she enjoys making candles right from  home.  She is a Medical Specialist  by Day and a Candle maker by Night! 

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